Border – Creature di confine

Border - Creature di confine **1/2 Customs officer Tina is known for her extraordinary sense of smell. It’s almost as if she can sniff out the guilt on anyone hiding something. But when Vore, a suspicious-looking man, walks past her, her abilities are challenged for the first time ever. Tina can sense Vore is hiding… Continue reading Border – Creature di confine


Cannes 2018. La nostra classifica definitiva dei film del concorso

Il concorso è chiuso, sabato sera saranno assegnati i premi dalla giuria guidata Cate Blanchett. Sul nostro personalissimo cartellino c'è in testa, lo straordinario film di Pawel Pawlikowski, Cold War, ambientato tra la Polonia e Parigi negli anni del dopoguerra. Ma ormai non è più l'unico candidato alla Palma, perchè il coreano Burning di Lee Chang… Continue reading Cannes 2018. La nostra classifica definitiva dei film del concorso

L’albero dei frutti selvatici

L'albero dei frutti selvatici - The Wild Pear Tree **1/2 Sinan is passionate about literature and has always wanted to be a writer. Returning to the village where he was born, he pours his heart and soul into scraping together the money he needs to be published, but his father’s debts catch up with him...… Continue reading L’albero dei frutti selvatici

Cannes 2018. Ayka

Ayka **1/2 Ayka just gave birth. She can't afford to raise a child. She has no job, debts to be paid, not even a room of her own. But there is no way to suppress her natural instincts. Sono passai dieci anni da Tulpan ultimo film del kazako Dvotsevoy, premiato a Un certain regard. Un… Continue reading Cannes 2018. Ayka

Cannes 2018. Knife + Heart

Knife + Heart ** Paris, Summer 1979. Anne produces third-rate gay porn. After her editor and lover Lois leaves her, she tries to win her back by shooting her most ambitious film yet with her trusted, flaming sidekick Archibald. But one of her actors is brutally murdered and Anne gets caught up in a strange… Continue reading Cannes 2018. Knife + Heart


Cafarnao ** INT. COURTROOM ZAIN, a 12-year-old boy, faces THE JUDGE. THE JUDGE: Why are you suing your own parents? ZAIN: For giving me life. Un bambino di dodici anni, Zain, viene accompagnato di fronte alla corte di un tribunale, in manette. Sta scontando una condanna a cinque anni di reclusione. Ma questa volta è… Continue reading Cafarnao


Sofia **1/2 Il debutto della regista marocchina, cresciuta in Belgio, Meryem Benm’Barek, si apre in un interno di Casablanca, dove la famiglia allargata di Sofia è seduta a tavola per formalizzare un accordo imprenditoriale importante, che consentirà a tutti di dare una svolta alla loro vita. Sofia però accusa dei dolori improvvisi, la cugina Lena,… Continue reading Sofia

Cannes 2018. Whitney

Whitney **1/2 She sold over 200 million albums. She's the only solo recording artist to score 7 consecutive number 1 singles. Her song « I Will Always Love You » is the most sold single ever by a woman singer. Behind the records, the rumors, the scandals, the secrets and the glory, here is the… Continue reading Cannes 2018. Whitney

Cannes 2018. Dogman

Dogman *** Dubbed an “urban Western,” DOGMAN takes place in an Italian suburb somewhere between metropolis and wild nature. Marcello (Marcello Fonte), a small and gentle dog groomer, finds himself involved in a dangerous relationship of subjugation with Simone (Edoardo Pesce), a former violent boxer who terrorizes the entire neighborhood. In an effort to reaffirm… Continue reading Cannes 2018. Dogman

Cannes 2018. Burning

Burning **** Deliveryman Jongsu is out on a job when he runs into Haemi, a girl who once lived in his neighborhood. She asks if he'd mind looking after her cat while she's away on a trip to Africa. On her return she introduces to Jongsu an enigmatic young man named Ben, who she met… Continue reading Cannes 2018. Burning

L’angelo del crimine

L'angelo del crimine - El Angel **1/2 Prodotto dai fratelli Almodovar, questo El Angel è il racconto delle gesta di uno dei criminali più singolari e crudeli della storia argentina. Il giovanissimo Carlos Robledo Puch, arrestato nel 1972 quando ancora non aveva compiuto 20 anni, è da oltre 45 detenuto in un carcere di massima sicurezza.… Continue reading L’angelo del crimine

Cannes 2018. Euforia

Euforia ** Matteo (Riccardo Scamarcio) is a successful young entrepreneur, audacious, charming and energetic. His brother Ettore (Valerio Mastandrea) still lives in the small provincial town where they grew up and teaches in a middle school. He is a cautious, honest man who has always held back a little, sticking to the shadows, for fear… Continue reading Cannes 2018. Euforia

Cannes 2018. Under The Silver Lake

Under The Silver Lake **1/2 Sam (Andrew Garfield) is a disenchanted 33-year old who discovers a mysterious woman, Sarah (Riley Keough), frolicking in his apartment's swimming pool. When she vanishes, Sam embarks on a surreal quest across Los Angeles to decode the secret behind her disappearance, leading him into the murkiest depths of mystery, scandal… Continue reading Cannes 2018. Under The Silver Lake

In guerra

In guerra **1/2 Despite heavy financial sacrifices on the part of their employees and record profits that year, the management of Perrin Industries decides to shut down a factory. The 1100 employees, led by their spokesman Laurent Amédéo, decide to fight this brutal decision, ready to do everything to save their jobs. Il francese Brizé… Continue reading In guerra

Cannes 2018. Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Long day's journey into night ***1/2 Luo Hongwu returns to Kaili, the hometown from which he fled many years ago. He begins the search for the woman he loved, and whom he has never been able to forget. Il secondo film di Bi Gan, dopo l'acclamato esordio di Kaili Blues, premiato a Locarno nel 2015,… Continue reading Cannes 2018. Long Day’s Journey Into Night