Cannes 2017. You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here ***1/2 A missing teenage girl. A brutal and tormented enforcer on a rescue mission. Corrupt power and vengeance unleash a storm of violence that may lead to his awakening. 'It's a beautiful day'. È una buona giornata. Per ricominciare. Per rimettersi in cammino. Dopo un incubo nero e allucinato, che… Continue reading Cannes 2017. You Were Never Really Here


Cannes 2017. L’amant double

L'amant double *** Chloé, a fragile young woman, falls in love with her psychoanalyst, Paul. A few months later she moves in with him, but soon discovers that her lover is concealing a part of his identity. La straordinaria prolificita' e cultura cinematografica di François Ozon - che solo pochi mesi fa portava a Venezia il magnifico… Continue reading Cannes 2017. L’amant double

Cannes 2017. Oltre la notte – In the Fade

Oltre la notte - In the Fade * Katja’s life collapses after the death of husband and son in a bomb attack. After the time of mourning and injustice, here comes the time of revenge. Immagini di un cellulare, all'interno di una prigione tedesca. Uno dei detenuti, il curdo Nuri, di bianco vestito, esce dalla cella… Continue reading Cannes 2017. Oltre la notte – In the Fade

Cannes 2017. A Gentle Creature

A Gentle Creature ** One day, a woman receives the parcel she sent to her incarcerated husband some time earlier. Confused and deeply concerned, she decides to go to the prison in a remote area of Russia, to seek information. So begins the story of a journey rife with humiliations and violence, the story of… Continue reading Cannes 2017. A Gentle Creature

Cannes 2017. Good Time

Good Time **1/2 After a botched bank robbery lands his younger brother in prison, Constantine Nikas (Robert Pattinson) embarks on a twisted odyssey through the city's underworld in an increasingly desperate—and dangerous—attempt to get his brother out of jail. Over the course of one adrenalized night, Constantine finds himself on a mad descent into violence… Continue reading Cannes 2017. Good Time

Cannes 2017. The Beguiled – L’inganno

The Beguiled - L'inganno *** The Beguiled is a thriller from acclaimed writer/director Sofia Coppola. The story unfolds during the Civil War, at a Southern girls’ boarding school. Its sheltered young women take in an injured enemy soldier. As they provide refuge and tend to his wounds, the house is taken over with sexual tension… Continue reading Cannes 2017. The Beguiled – L’inganno

Cannes 2017. Rodin

Rodin * Paris 1880, Auguste Rodin aged 40, finally receives his first State commission: he creates The Gates of Hell, composed of figurines. Some of these will become his most famous works, such as The Kiss and The Thinker. He shares his life with Rose, his lifelong partner, when he meets the young Camille Claudel.… Continue reading Cannes 2017. Rodin

Cannes 2017. Hikari – Radiance

Hikari - Radiance * Misako is a passionate writer of film versions for the visually impaired. At a screening, she meets Nakamori, an older photographer who is slowly losing his eyesight. Misako soon discovers Nakamori’s photographs, who will strangely bring her back to her past. Together, they will learn to see the radiant world that… Continue reading Cannes 2017. Hikari – Radiance

Cannes 2017. The Day After

The Day After **1/2 It is Areum's first day of work at a small publisher. Her boss Bongwan loved and recently broke up with the woman who previously worked there. Today too, the married Bongwan leaves home in the dark morning and sets off to work. The memories of the woman who left weigh down… Continue reading Cannes 2017. The Day After

Cannes 2017. The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer *** Steven, a charismatic surgeon, is forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice after his life starts to fall apart, when the behaviour of a teenage boy he has taken under his wing turns sinister. Il secondo film americano di Yorgos Lanthimos, talento cristallino dell'ultima nouvelle vague greca, e' assai lontano… Continue reading Cannes 2017. The Killing of a Sacred Deer