Venezia 2019. Lucretia Martel sulla presenza di Roman Polanski alla Mostra

Durante al conferenza stampa di presentazione della Mostra Lucretia Martel aveva rilasciato dichiarazioni controverse sulla presenza di Roman Polanski e sul suo lavoro, che verosimilmente non sono molto piaciute al direttore Alberto Barbera.

“I don’t separate the man from the art. I think that important aspects of the work emerges in the man. A man who commits a crime of this size who is then condemned, and the victim considers herself satisfied with the compensation is difficult for me judge… It is difficult to define what is the right approach we have to take with people who have committed certain acts and were judged for them. I think these questions are part of the debate in our times.

“I will not congratulate him, but I think it is correct that his movie is here at this festival, we have to develop our dialogue with him and this is the best possible place to go on with this type of discussion.”

La Martel ora precisa in un comunicato stampa:

“According to some reports after today’s press conference, I believe my words were deeply misunderstood.

Since I don’t separate the work from the author and I have recognized a lot of humanity in Polanski’s previous films, I am not opposed to the presence of the film in competition.

I don’t have any prejudice towards it and of course I will watch the film like any other in the competition.

If I had any prejudice, I would have resigned my duty as the president of the jury.”

E tu, cosa ne pensi?

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