La Black List del 2017: i migliori copioni non ancora prodotti!

Come ogni anno, The Black List, raccoglie e classifica le migliori sceneggiature non ancora entrate in produzione.

275 executives di Hollywood suggeriscono e votano i migliori lavori: chi raggiunge almeno 6 menzioni entra nella lista. Cominciato quasi per gioco nel 2001, The Black List è diventato un appuntamento fisso di fine anno. Molti film di successo sono stati segnalati dalla lista: The Millionaire, Argo, Il discorso del Re, Juno, American Hustle.

Nella Black List del 2015 ai primissimi posti c’erano Tutti i soldi del mondo, il nuovo film di Ridley Scott, in uscita dopo Natale, Stronger che è diventato un film di David Gordon Green con Jake Gyllenhaal e Miss Sloane, che è stato interpretato da Jessica Chastain.

Nella Black List del 2016 c’erano The Post, il nuovo film di Spielberg, in uscita a gennaio, e I, Tonya di Gilliespie con Margot Robbie.

Questi sono titoli e sinossi dei primi dieci. Il primo, Ruin, dovrebbe entrare in produzione con la regia di  Justin Kurzel e Gal Gadot protagonista.

Qui invece trovate la lista integrale!  2017_black_list

Matthew Firpo, Ryan Firpo
A nameless ex-Nazi captain must navigate the ruins of post-WWII Germany to atone for his crimes during the war by hunting downand killing the surviving members of his former SS death squad.

Mario Correa
The true story of Senator Wendy Davis and her 24-hour filibuster to save 75% of abortion clinics in Texas.

Christy Hall
A passenger and her cab driver reminisce about their relationships on the way from the airport to her apartment in New York.

Samuel Franco, Evan Kilgore
Chronicles Otto Frank’s journey, with the help of a junior editor at Doubleday Press, to find a publisher for the diary his daughter Anne wrote during the Holocaust.

Imran Zaidi
In a world where your life can be saved, uploaded to a computer, and restarted in the case of your untimely demise, a husband returns from the dead, suspecting his wife may have been involved in his death.

Anna Klassen
The true story of 25-year-old Joanne Rowling as she weathers first loves, unexpected pregnancies, lost jobs, and depression on her journey to create Harry Potter.

Amanda Idoko
After catching her husband in bed with a hooker, which causes him to die of a heart attack, Sue Bottom buries the body and takesadvantage of the local celebrity status that comes from having a missing husband.

Freddie Skov
Behind the walls of a maximum security prison, a naive teenage inmate and a rookie correctional officer are forced into a drugsmuggling operation, while a looming conflict between rival gang members threatens to boil over.

Cesar Vitale
A grieving thirteen-year-old girl hires a terminally ill, acerbic philosophy professor to prevent flunking the seventh grade. Whatbegins as a homework assignment blossoms into an unlikely friendship and a new appreciation for life that neither will forget.

Brett Treacy, Dan Woodward
A captive boy’s lifestyle is upended when his abductor asks for his help kidnapping a second child.




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