Sofia Coppola sul look di The Bling Ring


Sofia Coppola, intervistata dal DGA Quarterly, ha parlato del suo nuovo film, l’ultimo girato da Harris Savides, prima della sua scomparsa.

I was curious about these kids growing up always aware of their audience, constantly posting pictures online, I thought it was such an interesting story and the quotes from the real kids really made an impression  [ed. they apparently dreamt of their own fragrance lines and reality TV shows]. I thought the story said so much about our culture today and how it can affect young people.

For visual references, I borrowed the cell phones of my actors and studied their Facebook and Myspace pages. This world isn’t as visually beautiful as some of my other films. It’s more Pop.

Il film è stato girato con una RED camera in digitale.

Ecco dieci nuove immagini dal film con i protagonisti: Leslie Mann, Gavin Rossdale e la gang di ragazzini californiani composta da Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, Erin Daniels, Israel Broussard, Halston Sage e Katie Chang.

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