Manhola Dargis del NYT agli Oscar

Manhola Dargis, una delle firme più prestigiose del New York Times, partecipa alla Notte degli Oscar: il suo articolo dietro le quinte della cerimonia è divertente e cerca di spiegare perchè una cerimonia ecchia quasi un secolo e spesso inutilmente pomposa sia ancora importante.

“Was it good for you — the Academy Awards that is, which last Sunday continued its long tradition of getting it wrong? It was for me, even if the Academy’s habit of rewarding mediocrity, especially if it comes with a British accent, remains intact. Then again I was closer to the action than usual, having finally admitted, if only to myself, that I wanted to walk that tawdry red carpet. I wanted to see Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and most of all David Fincher win in person or on the screen inside the Kodak Theater. I wanted to watch “The King’s Speech” go down in flames. Oh, well. Forget it, Jake — it’s Hollywood. The Oscars might be an orgy of self-congratulation, and as absurd and amusing as ever. Yet they also make visible some of the changes rocking the movies and the news media. Attending the show allows you to pull back the curtain to see how this particular movie-media machine works…”

Qui l’articolo integrale.


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