Venezia 2017: il primo trailer di Le Fidèle – The Racer And The Jailbird

Le Fidèle è il nuovo film del regista belga Michael R. Roskam (Bullhead, The Drop – Chi è senza colpa).

Debutterà a Venezia, fuori concorso, con il titolo internazionale di The Racer And The Jailbird. Per l’occasione Roskam ha voluto di nuovo con sè Matthias Schoenaerts a cui ha accoppiato Adèle Exarchopoulos.

Gigi Vanoirbeek (Schoenaerts) belongs to a notorious Brussels gang responsible for a string of expertly executed, high-net-worth robberies. Under the cover of his luxury automobile import-export business he meets Bibi Delhany (Adèle Exarchopoulos), a gorgeous and glamorous race-car driver with roots more respectable than his own. Despite their wildly different backgrounds, this unlikely pair falls for each other, fast and hard. Gigi manages to shield Bibi from his illicit activities and begins to wonder what another life might look like. But already deep into the planning of his next heist with his all-too-eager associates, and with law enforcement hot on their heels, will it be too late?

Ecco le prime immagini:


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