Sully: il trailer del nuovo Eastwood


Sully è il nuovo film di Clint Eastwood in uscita il 9 settembre prossimo, interpretato da Tom Hanks , Aaron Eckhart e Laura Linney.

Racconta la storia vera del capitano Chelsey ‘Sully’ Sullenberg, che il 15 gennaio 2009 riuscì a far atterrare in condizioni di fortuna il Volo US Airways 1549, quando l’aeroplano colpiù uno stormo di uccelli e andò in stallo.

Secondo Hanks: “They are not men with nerves of steel. The thing that has attracted me to all of those characters is they are fighting the terror that is inside them. For example, in all the reading in much of the research that I did for ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ was the terror that men in command felt in combat. … I have this verbatim from a number of people … that they were afraid of making the mistake that was going to get other people killed. That is a huge burden of command, and it’s something that you have to fight and tamp down, and you can’t allow yourself a moment of hesitation, and that faith in oneself is a very — that’s the difference between success and failure. It’s not easy to do….”

“All of these guys have some degree of accomplishment, but it has been learned and earned at the same time. No one is made a captain of a cargo ship without an extraordinary amount of experience behind them, and that brand of terror or loss of your own self-confidence, look, that’s something that everybody goes through at some point. My life has never been in jeopardy ever once, but the artistic creative process of one is still based on your ability to fight down those doubts of yourself, and you have to move forward. … And you cannot sweat too much the possibility that you are making a wrong mistake.”

Per Eastwood si tratta di una nuova riflessione sull’eroismo, speriamo un po’ meno tronfia e a senso unico di American Sniper.

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