Free Fire: nuovo film per il prolifico Ben Wheatley

olivia-wilde (13)

Il regista inglese Ben Wheatley non si ferma un attimo.

In Italia dell’autore di Kill List e A field in England è uscito solo Killer in viaggio per la Academy 2.

Ma è pronto a debuttare nel 2015 High Rise, ambientato nel 1975 ed interpretato da Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Moss, Jeremy Irons, Luke Evans, Sienna Miller.

In London in 1975, on the eve of Margaret Thatcher’s ascent to political power, Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) is a young doctor seduced by the lifestyle in a high-rise, an isolated community, cut off from the rest of society in their luxury tower block, and its creator, the architect Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons). Taking up residence on the twenty-fifth floor, Laing discovers a world of complex loyalties, and also strikes up a relationship with Royal’s devoted aide Charlotte (Sienna Miller). After Laing befriends Richard Wilder (Luke Evans), a documentary filmmaker relegated to the second floor who is determined to provoke the class injustices inherent in the high-rise, a dangerous social situation develops and the high-rise eventually fragments into violent tribes.

Eppure Wheatley è già al lavoro su un nuovo progetto: Free Fire.

Il nuovo progetto, ambientato a Boston nel 1978 ed interpretato da Luke Evans, Armie Hammer, Cillian Murphy, Olivia Wilde, è una sorta di hard boiled: “Justine, a woman who has brokered a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two Irishmen (Murphy, Smiley) and a gang led by Hammer and Evans who are selling them a stash of guns. But when shots are fired in the handover, a heart stopping game of survival ensues.”

La produzione comincerà in primavera.


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