Venezia 2011. David Byrne racconta il lavoro della Giuria

David Byrne, già a Cannes per This must be the place del nostro Paolo Sorrentino, era a Venezia nelal Giuria ufficiale del concorso, presieduta da Darren Aronofsky.

Sul suo sito internet ci racconta come hanno lavorato, quali film hanno premiato e perchè.

Con la sua solita sottile ironia…

Last week I was in Lido, adjacent to Venice, where the annual Venice Film Festival is held. I had been invited to be on the jury and, naively thinking it would be a kind of summer holiday—Venice and movies? Why not?—I agreed to participate. It was hugely enjoyable—Marco Mueller, the festival director, and his team gathered an amazing selection of movies for the competition—it was almost too much of a good thing for us on the jury, so many of the films were worthy. […]

Here are the winners:

The Golden Lion Award—A re-imagining of Faust using much of the original German text by Russian director Aleksandr Sokurov. I met the actor who played Mephistopheles, the devil, after the awards ceremony—he was a dancer, not an actor and used to play in a band. Sokurov made an impassioned speech at the press conference in which he pleaded for more state and foundation support for the arts and humanities, saying that if we lose our deep culture we are nobodies, nothing. He ended by saying, and this could be a bad translation “We don’t need the audience, the audience [the public] needs us!” It bordered on arrogance, but he’s certainly got a point.

After the awards he got calls of congratulations from Putin, the first of which he didn’t pick up, so Putin called again! Word has it that he said the same things to Putin—that without support, much art and culture will not survive. […]

Qui l’articolo integrale.

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