Michael Mann, Ben Affleck e The Town

Il Los Angeles Times ha intervistato Ben Affleck a proposito dei film che l’hanno ispirato e dei riferimenti contenuti nel suo ultimo The Town e l’attore e regista ha svelato un retroscena piuttosto divertente che riguarda Heat di Michael Mann:

” ‘Heat’ is for sure the biggest influence, actionwise, in the movie. Every criminal I interviewed referenced ‘Heat.’ The FBI referenced ‘Heat.’ I’d ask, ‘You ever see anything you think was pretty legit?’ And they’d say, ‘Oh, yeah, “Heat.”‘ And sometimes it would be unsolicited. [Using a rough “townie” voice] “The thing is – d’you evah see ‘Heat?'” The FBI literally had the poster up, in Violent Crimes and Robberies. It’s so visceral and so powerful and so loud and so jarring that it’s nothing like the fun bank robberies in other movies. It’s tough and tense, and the feeling of that action bled out into the rest of the story. People are serious and the stakes are high, and the consequences for these kinds of choices are severe. Both of those things I wanted to do in this movie. I felt [ Michael Mann] did them as well as anyone had.”

E tu, cosa ne pensi?

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