Sergei Loznitsa si dimette dall’European Film Academy


L’EFA ha sostanzialmente replicato alla lettera di Loznitsa, con un nuovo comunicato molto più esplicito, non firmato dal direttore, che preannuncia tuttavia misure più drastiche.

Boicottare tutti i film russi, escludendoli dai premi assegnati a fine anno dall’EFA non ha un vero significato. Perchè tra i registi russi ce ne sono molti – come Oleg Sentsov e Kirill Serebrennikov – che hanno subito in questi anni da Putin e dalle autorità governative non solo un evidente ostracismo, ma accuse penali, arresti e altre misure tese ad impedirgli di esprimersi liberamente.

Ci sono poi registi con Andrei Zvyagintsev, il cui cinema è tutt’altro che apologetico rispetto al regime. basti pensare a Elena, a Leviathan o all’ultimo straordinario Loveless, opere che raccontano la corruzione e l’insensibilità materialistica di un intero Paese, senza sconti per nessuno.

E infatti Loznitsa si è detto contrariato rispetto a questa nuova mossa dell’EFA, che evidentemente non ne indovina una…

The European Film Academy has joined the massive global sanctions currently in effect against Russia and fully supports the call of the Ukrainian Film Academy to boycott Russian film as expressed:

The Academy strongly condemns the war started by Russia – Ukraine’s sovereignty and territory must be respected. Putin’s actions are atrocious and totally unacceptable, and we strongly condemn them.

What concerns us most is the fate of the Ukrainians, and our hearts are with the Ukrainian filmmaking community. We are fully aware that several of our members are fighting with arms against the aggressor. The Academy will therefore exclude Russian films from this year’s European Film Awards and we lend our support to each element of the boycott.

The European Film Academy remains a place to support and unite all filmmakers who share our belief in human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights. We acknowledge and appreciate those brave filmmakers in Russia who stand up against this war. But in view of a brutal and unjustified attack, we have to stand with our sisters and brothers in Ukraine whose lives are at risk.

We acknowledge that this reaction should have come at an earlier point in the past days, but our democratic processes needed to be followed. Whilst those took place, the European Film Academy has, in parallel and working quietly behind the scenes, managed to raise funds and put together support structures.

We therefore take this opportunity to unequivocally express our protest against this abominable war and to re-confirm and reiterate our complete and total solidarity with the heroic people of Ukraine.


Con una lettera aperta inviata a Screen Daily, il regista ucraino Sergei Loznitsa, uno dei maggiori autori del cinema europeo si è dimesso dall’European Film Academy, in risposta al blando e circospetto comunicato che quest’ultima aveva rilasciato in occasione dell’invasione russa in Ucraina e della guerra in corso.

Queste le parole, durissime e tragicamente accorate di Loznitsa.

What a shameful text has been generated by the European Film Academy! “The invasion in Ukraine is heavily worrying us”.

When, in the spring of 2014, Oleg Sentsov was arrested, you wrote to the Russian authorities asking them to “consider this matter carefully and fairly”.

Is it really possible that after 8 years of war you still remain blind and continue to mutter some gibberish about the fact that a “daily increase of tension has an impact on filmmakers’ lives and health, morale, and creative work”.

You state in your address that there are 61 Ukrainian members among your ranks. Well, as of today, there are only 60 of them. I don’t need you “being alert and staying in touch with me”, thank you very much!

You’d better ’stay in touch’ with your own conscience.

For four days in a row now the Russian army has been devastating Ukrainian cities and villages, killing Ukrainian citizens. Is it really possible that you – humanists, human rights and dignity advocates, champions of freedom and democracy, are afraid to call a war a war, to condemn barbarity and voice your protest?

Today, on February 28, 2022, there can be no more doubt about one thing: the European Film Academy was set up in 1989 in order to bury its head in the sand and to shy away from the catastrophe which is taking place in Europe.

Sergei Loznitsa, filmmaker 

Questo invece il comunicato dell’EFA, firmato dal suo direttore:

The invasion in Ukraine is heavily worrying us. While we have been aware of the ongoing political and military escalation in the Eastern part of Ukraine for many years, which first gained international attention with the annexation of Crimea in 2014, we do realise that the current events and daily increase of tension has an impact on filmmakers’ lives and health, morale, and creative work.

On behalf of the community of over 4,200 members and the Board of the European Film Academy, we express our solidarity with all Ukrainians, among them 61 members of our Academy.

The European Film Academy was founded in 1989 by filmmakers from Eastern and Western Europe, with the aim to strengthen and promote the cinema in our part of the world and unite filmmakers from all parts of Europe. The language of European cinema has always been shaped by important values. Human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights are key elements in creating the best circumstances for filmmakers to work. As an Academy and through our work, we strongly advocate for these values and protest against any violation.

We will stay alert and are in touch with our Ukrainian members and those in neighbouring countries, and we will support all those affected in the best way we can.

Matthijs Wouter Knol, Director of the European Film Academy

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