Sean Penn su The Revenant

E’ stato Sean Penn l’anno scorso a consegnare l’Oscar ad Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, con una battuta assai controversa…

I due sono ottimi amici e hanno condiviso il set di 21 grammi. Penn ha visto quindi The Revenant in anteprima assoluta e ne è rimasto entusiasta. In un’intervista con Variety ha lodato il lavoro del messicano:

“I watched the ‘The Revenant’ with Alejandro and four others. I had the great benefit of being able to see it before anything was in the ether, in terms of critics or other trendsetters. I thought it was a masterpiece. I don’t think I’ve had an experience in a movie theater as a kind of stepping cinema forward like that since I saw ‘Apocalypse Now.’ To see what happens when bold producers support a bold director who is such an artist on that level with great actors like that — I was compelled throughout.

I put Alejandro with the master painters. There’s been a lot of technical steps forward and people who have done extraordinary work. But I’ve never seen something that’s basic premise is naturalism — realism in terms of its visuals — that has quite this poetry with the use of newer technologies….I’d like to think we’re a culture that values its art enough to recognize we need this”

the Revenant 8


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