Cannes 2012. La giuria!

Il presidente, già annunciato, sarà Nanni Moretti.

In giuria ci saranno altri otto protagonisti del cinema e dello spettacolo:

Hiam Abbass (Palestinian actress, director)

Andrea Arnold (British director and scriptwriter)

Emmanuelle Devos (French actress)

Diane Kruger (German actress)

Jean Paul Gaultier (French designer)

Ewan McGregor (British actor)

Alexander Payne (American director, scriptwriter and producer)

Raoul Peck (Haitian director, scriptwriter and producer)

Ecco le biografie:

Hiam Abbass   was born in Galilee. Following her studies in Haifa she joined   Palestine’s El-Hakawati Theatre Group. She first appeared in Michel   Khleifi’s Wedding in Galilee (1987). Fame soon followed with Raja  Amari’s Red Satin (2002). She appeared in The Syrian Bride (2005) then  Lemon Tree (2008) by Eran Riklis , Free Zone and Disengagement by Amos  Gitaï (2005) and Bab el Shams by Yousry Nasrallah (2004). She also  filmed in France with Patrice Chéreau, Jean Becker and Radu Mihaileanu  (The Source – in Competition at Cannes 2011). Her American filmmaking  career began with Jim Jarmusch (The Limits of Control – 2009) and Thomas  McCarthy (The Visitor – 2008) as well as with Julian Schnabel in Miral,   presented at the Venice Film Festival in 2010. She has just finished   shooting Inheritance, her first feature film as a director.

Andrea Arnold,   British director and scriptwriter, was awarded the Oscar for Best Live   Action Short Film in 2004 for Wasp. Her first feature-length film, Red   Road (2006), was selected at Cannes in Competition, as was Fish Tank   (2009); both received the Jury Prize. In 2011, she directed an   adaptation of Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights, selected in Competition at the Venice Film Festival.
Following her studies at the prestigious Cours Florent, Emmanuelle Devos   began shooting with the brilliant young generation of filmmakers fresh   out of La Fémis: Noémie Lvovsky and Arnaud Desplechin who brought her  to  Cannes in 1996 with his My Sex Life… or How I Got Into an  Argument.  The accolades arrived in 2001 with Jacques Audiard’s Read My  Lips (César  for Best Actress). She filmed again with Desplechin and  Audiard and  also with Nicole Garcia, Emmanuel Carrère, Alain Resnais  and Xavier  Giannoli, whose In The Beginning saw her win the 2010 César  for Best  Actress in a Supporting Role. Still devoted to theatre work,  her film  career continues unabated. She will soon begin shooting with  Martin  Provost and with Jérôme Bonnell alongside Gabriel Byrne.

Born in Germany, Diane Kruger received   international acclaim in 2004 for her role in Wolfgang Peterson’s Troy.  Numerous successes followed, namely Christian Carion’s Joyeux  Noël  which featured in the Official Selection at Cannes and received an  Oscar  nomination in 2005 for Best Foreign Language Film. She  subsequently  worked with Agnieszka Holland, Bille August and Quentin  Tarantino. In  France, she recently filmed with Fred Cavayé and Fabienne  Berthaud. She  can currently be seen in Benoît Jacquot’s Farewell, My  Queen, which  premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2012. Most  recently, she  completed filming of Pascal Chaumeil’s Fly Me to the Moon  as well as  Andrew Niccol’s The Host.

A world-famous designer who has worked with artists such as Madonna, Angelin Prejlocaj and Régine Chopinot, Jean Paul Gaultier   began his career with Pierre Cardin before launching his own fashion   house in 1976. Passionate and highly versatile, he has never stopped   experimenting in new fields, including dance, music and cinema. He   designed the costumes for The City of Lost Children by Jeunet and Caro   and for Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. In particular, he has worked   with Pedro Almodόvar on Bad Education, which opened the Festival de   Cannes in 2004 and on The Skin I Live In, which was in Competition last   year. A great cinema-lover, Jean Paul Gaultier has often spoken of his   love for actresses or directors such as Jacques Becker.

Ewan McGregor   has proven himself as a true international actor. From Danny Boyle’s   Trainspotting (In Competition, Cannes 1996) to George Lucas’ Star Wars   (2002-2005), and Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge, which opened the Festival   in 2001. He demonstrated the full extent of his range in Woody Allen’s   Cassandra’s Dream, Grant Heslov’s The Men who Stare at Goats (2010) and   The Ghost Writer by Roman Polanski (2010). He is currently filming an   HBO’s series adaptation of the Jonathan Franzen novel, The Corrections.   Following in the footsteps of Jude Law in 2011, Cannes is delighted to   welcome this latest representative of the British acting fraternity.

Originally from Nebraska, Alexander Payne   earned his MFA in Film at UCLA.  He made his feature film debut with   Citizen Ruth (1996) and followed up with Election (1999), which won Best   Screenplay from the Writers’ Guild of America and the New York Film   Critics Circle, as well as an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted   Screenplay. About Schmidt (2002), premiered in Competition at the Cannes   Film Festival. A sensitive director whose inspiration is often drawn   from his own filmmaking passions, Payne directed Sideways (2004) as well   as his latest film, The Descendants (2011), starring George Clooney,   both of which won Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Haitian born Raoul Peck   grew up in Congo, France, Germany and the United States. He has  created  a complex and diverse body of work from documentaries to TV  fiction.  His feature films include The Man by the Shore (in Competition  at Cannes  1993); Lumumba (presented at the Director’s Fortnight 2000).  Sometimes  in April (2005) was presented in Berlin and Moloch Tropical  (2009) in  Toronto and Berlin. The former Minister of Culture of Haiti,  Raoul Peck  has been, since 2010, Chairman of the Board of the film  school La Fémis.

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