Source Code. Le recensioni americane ed il trailer italiano

Nell’ultimo weekend americano ha debuttato al secondo posto del Box Office, con 15 milioni d’incasso, Source Code, il nuovo film di Duncan Jones (Moon).

Il thriller fantascientifico, interpretato da Jake Gyllenhall si è guadagnato ottime critiche dalla stampa americana. Source Code è ambientato in una sorta di loop temporale di dieci minuti che si ripetono in continuazione:  Jake Gyllenhaal è un soldato che fa parte di un programma sperimentale, che consente di rivivere gli ultimi otto minuti di vita di un uomo, prima della sua morte. Prendendo le sembianze di un uomo presente su un treno oggetto di un attacco terroristico, cercherà di scoprire l’origine della tragedia per evitarne una seconda.

Kenneth Turan del Los Angeles Times individua un corrispettivo evidente:

It’s the obvious thing to say, but it can’t be avoided: “Source Code” is the science-fiction thriller version of “Groundhog Day,” and that turns out to be not a bad thing at all.

Crisply directed by Duncan Jones from a cleverly constructed Ben Ripley script, “Source Code” doesn’t have protagonist Jake Gyllenhaal repeat the same day ad infinitum the way Bill Murray did; no, he has to relive a particular eight minutes over and over again. Not because he wants to but because, wouldn’t you know it, large numbers of innocent lives are at stake.

La ripetizione dei famosi otto minuti non è per nulla un ostacolo, anzi:

It may sound like a version of hell for moviegoers to have those eight minutes on a train replayed over and over and over again, half a dozen times at least, but the film has come up with a surprising number of variations on that theme. Far from making “Source Code” dull, those repetitions add to the tension as we wonder what Stevens will do next and how that choice will play out.

Secondo Manhola Dargis del New York Times:

Mr. Jones did lose me at the messy finish, if only on the level of logic (rarely a deal-breaker for me in science fiction), but he makes it easy to follow Stevens as he toggles between realities. Better still, he makes you want to do so. In crucial ways, “Source Code,” written by Ben Ripley, recalls “Moon,” Mr. Jones’s accomplished feature debut about a solitary astronaut played by Sam Rockwell. “Source Code” is bigger, shinier, pricier. Yet both movies hinge on isolated, physically constrained men who are not what they seem, including, importantly, to themselves. And in each Mr. Jones creates a sense of intimacy that draws you to the characters, so that the tension comes from your feelings for them and not purely from plot twists.

Roger Ebert, assegna al film tre stellette e mezzo:

“Source Code” is an ingenious thriller that comes billed as science fiction, although its science is preposterous. Does that matter, as long as everyone treats it with the greatest urgency? After all, space travel beyond the solar system is preposterous, and yet we couldn’t do without “Star Trek.” The “science” in this case is used to prop up an appealing story of a man who tries to change the past.

E chiude così il suo articolo:

Duncan Jones previously made “Moon” (2009), with Sam Rockwell as a character apparently nearing the end of a contract to man a station on the far side of the moon. Characters in Duncan Jones movies should learn not to be so sure of things. But Jones has the right spirit, Gyllenhaal and Monaghan are adept at playing their variations on the eight minutes, and here’s a movie where you forgive the preposterous because it takes you to the perplexing.

Ecco il trailer italiano:

Il film uscirà in Italia il 29 aprile.

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