Black Swan: finite le riprese del nuovo film di Aronofksy

Sono terminate l’11 febbraio le riprese di Black Swan, il nuovo thriller psicologico di Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler), ambientato nel mondo spietato del balletto e interpretato da Natalie Portman con Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder e Barbara Hershey.

I due produttori, Mike Medavoy e Brad Fischer, annunciano che l’uscita avverrà nell’autunno del 2010 per Fox Searchlight:

Fischer: It takes a very kind of dark and disturbing journey – in this case Natalie plays a ballerina who has dreams of becoming a star. And she gets that opportunity, and there’s a lot of elements that play out for her, where she starts to wonder if she’s gonna be basically undercut by somebody else, by Mila Kunis’s character in the film. So you’re not sure how much of it is paranoia, how much of it is reality. She starts to work through some of that as the twists and turns start coming. It’s a very cool piece.

Medavoy: Darren actually took it from what it was into the world of ballet, which I thought was a really interesting way to infuse it.

And something you might not expect from the director of The Wrestler.

Medavoy: Yeah, going from a wrestler to a dancer is pretty interesting. And examining that world with a psychological thriller set in that world.

Vincent Cassel

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