The War – Il pianeta delle scimmie: l’ultimo trailer online!

Terzo e ultimo trailer per The War – Il pianeta delle scimmie, terzo capitolo della nuova trilogia di Caesar, diretto ancora da Matt Reeves ed interpretato da Woody Harrelson ed Andy Serkis.

Il film è scritto da Mark Bomback, che aveva collaborato con Reeves anche ad Apes Revolution.

Secondo Reeves: “Really, it almost primarily is about the war within Ceasar. Because you know in the last film Koba basically started the war because he couldn’t bare the idea of living side by side with his captors and he’d seen too much horrors through their hands, and in this film Andy [Serkis]’s character is completely haunted by what happened, by having had to kill Koba and the idea that maybe the war could have been averted. But as events escalate, he ends up being wounded so desperately by the losses among the apes that he starts to feel the kind of hatred that Koba feels and the war within his heart is his humanity. Will he be able to transcend or will he fall like Koba did?”

Il film uscirà il 13 luglio in Italia ed il giorno successivo negli USA.




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