Knight of cups di Malick sarà un film sul mondo del cinema

I produttori di To the wonder sono stati intervistati da Screen Daily a proposito dei nuovi progetti che Malick sta girando back to back, Knight of cups e Lawless, oggi rititolato provvisoriamente W.

Nicolas Gonda afferma: “I don’t know whether anyone can fully explain the creative force. But he’s certainly on a roll. He’s very inspired right now. I expect it has something to do with the team that has formed around him, and the connection he has with them. He has developed a system that he knows works for him”

Sarah Green precisa: “We recently finished shooting ‘Knight of Cups,’ which is about the LA movie business. Our untitled film, the one set against the music scene in Texas, will begin shooting in a few weeks. It was called ‘Lawless‘ but we agreed to give that name to John Hillcoat. Both films star Christian Bale and are set in the contemporary world. We’ll edit them simultaneously and FilmNation is on board both. We consider FilmNation partners on all of Terry’s films going forward.”

Per quanto riguarda Voyage of time, il documentario che nasceva dalla parte preistorica di The tree of life, i tempi saranno più lunghi: “There are large parts shot already but it’s a multi-year project so there’s a way to go yet. Terry has been envisioning it for several decades”

Gonda aggiunge infine che partirà presto un nuovo film con Malick in veste di produttore: ” I’m also producing ‘Green Blade Rising‘ with Terry. The film is about the difficult youth of Abraham Lincoln. AJ Edwards is directing and Diane Kruger will play Lincoln’s mother. We’re due to start production in a couple of weeks.”


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