Anthony Hopkins sarà Matusalemme in Noè di Aronofsky

Si va completando il cast di Noah (Noè) il kolossal diretto da Darren Aronofsky ed interpretato da Russel Crowe.

Accanto ai confermatissimi Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth e Jennifer Connelly, ci sarà anche Anthony Hopkins, nel ruolo di Matusalemme.

While he’s actually only mentioned once in the Bible, in the the Book Of Enoch, his father tells him of the impending flood, and Methuselah works with his grandson Noah to try and convince the people of Earth to return to a life of godliness to avoid God’s wrath. Methuselah sees through the completion of the ark, but died seven days before the flood, with God having promised him he would not die with the unrighteous.


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