Millennium: Uomini che odiano le donne. Le foto della prima a New York


E’ stato presentato a New York, in anteprima, il nuovo film di David Fincher, tratto dal primo romanzo della trilogia Millennium di Stieg Larsson.

Interpretato da Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgard, Robin Wright, uscirà nelle sale americane il 21 dicembre e da noi il 3 febbraio.

Fincher ha parlato dei suoi nuovi progetti, da Cleopatra con Angelina Jolie a 20.000 leghe sotto i mari ad un pilota tv:

That’s something I would love to do with Angie… It’s something that was brought to me that you have to take seriously. Scott has this wonderful book [by Stacy Schiff] and hopefully Eric can find a way in. I’m not interested in a giant sword and sandal epic.

We’ve seen scope; everyone knows we can fake that. That stuff doesn’t impress in the way that it did even 10 years ago. We expect that from cable. So that’s not the reason to do that. What is it about this character that has purchased this place in our history and imagination that is relatable today?

Cleopatra, I haven’t even begun. I’ve just spoken with Angie [Jolie] and Eric [Roth] and I’m trying to figure out how to weigh in. It’s just a discussion about what can it be, what are people expecting, what do we need to do to destroy that?

Dirigerà House of Cards per Netflix con Kevin Spacey e Robin Write: I’m casting and I’m going to Washington and Baltimore this weekend to look at locations.

Quindi c’è il progetto di 20.000 leghe sotto i mari, scritto originariamente da Scott Z. Burns, e su cui sta lavorando Andrew Kevin Walker.

I don’t know what came before me. We’re plugging away, trying to get a script that sort of satisfies all of the… you know, it’s a tricky thing because it’s a $200 million 3D thing done in water, and you don’t want to go off half-cocked. You can find yourself with a $75 million overage in a movie that completely takes place underwater, especially in 3D. 3D is a whole different thing for reflective sources.

Ed anche il fumetto The Goon di Eric Powell:

Eric’s been working on it and Tim’s been working on it [Tim Miller from Blur Animation], and Jeff (Fowler). People continue to work on it and refine stuff, but it’s hard for me because I’m in Sweden, so I can’t really make many production meetings, but the attempt is to in January really go out and try and figure out a price that makes sense… I don’t know why you can spend $200 million on The incredibles but you can’t spend $50 million on The Goon,’or $130 million on Kung Fu Panda and $50 million on The Goon.

Fincher sembra infine stia lavorando anche all’adattamento della graphic novel incredibile e disturbante di Charles Burns, Black Hole:

It’s a really great script by Dante Harper, so the hope is that will win out… It’s so weird. It’s so great, because it would be great to see. It’s a very tough… there’s make-up FX and digital FX that are expensive and to do it right, you gotta do it just right, because it has to challenge your idea of the human body.

 Ecco le foto dell’anteprima:

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