Pirati dei Caraibi. Le prime foto di Depp e Cruz

Sono state pubblicate le prime due foto ufficiali del nuovo quarto episodio dei Pirati dei Caraibi.

Ecco Johnny Depp e Penelope Cruz:

Queste le news sulla storia:

  • Penelope Cruz plays Angelica, a Jack Sparrow’s “wicked former flame”, the daughter of Blackbeard (Ian McShane) and a “onetime Sparrow paramour.” Described by Co-screenwriter Terry Rossio as “a kindred spirit who is a con artist at heart as well. She’s not only a romantic interest, but an equal and effective adversary.”
  • Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) has been recruited by King George II (Richard Griffiths) to join the mission, “meaning Sparrow’s old nemesis has gone corporate, 1750s-century style.”
  • The film begins with Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) caught and dragged into the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College to meet King George II who “wants him to seek the Fountain of Youth.” The meeting goes “badly.” Sparrow later joins “his ex and her surly father to try to locate the Fountain of Youth.”
  • Producer Jerry Bruckheimer on the film’s mermaids: “These mermaids are ferocious. On the surface they’re beautiful, but once you get them underwater, they turn pretty scary.”
  • Co-screenwriter Terry Rossio confirms this journey is a standalone story: “The three previous films are a trilogy, with an intricate, interwoven tapestry of characters. I would call this a stand-alone type of story.”

Il primo trailer uscirà il 13 dicembre.

Ecco la fotogallery in alta definizione:

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