Scorsese, il 3D e Hugo Cabret

Thelma Schoonmaker, storica collaboratrice di Scorsese, montatrice di quasi tutti i suoi film, moglie di Michael Powell e vincitrice di tre premi Oscar, rivela, nel corso di un’intervista a Screen Daily, qualche dettaglio sul prossimo film in 3D del regista newyorkese.

“It’s a whole new kind of film for us,” she says. “It’s very visual, very little dialogue, lots of opportunities for wonderful 3D shots, because the boy’s job is to keep the clocks wound, so you can imagine the giant wheels being built. Everyone’s very excited about it. It will have a broad appeal, it won’t just be Scorsese fans going to this, it will be kids and families and Scorsese fans.”

…She says Scorsese is excited about the 3D work. “Scorsese is in love with [3D]. He looked at Avatar and Alice [in Wonderland] and Scorsese didn’t feel that the 3D he saw was as interesting as in the old ones like Dial M for Murder and House of Wax. He’s decided he wants to be stronger with 3D to make it jump out at you. He’s going to go a little bit further with it.”

Vedremo a quanto pare più sfondamenti della terza dimensione, rispetto ai morigerati Avatar e Alice?

Schoonmaker will still be cutting in 2D “because it’s too hard on the eyes to cut it in 3D” but will make adjustments for the format — “you have to learn not to cut from a wide shot to a close shot,” for instance.

…Schoonmaker revealed some details of her close working relationship with Scorsese. “I read the scripts only once, I want to see the film as it develops on the dailies and I can say ‘This is going well, this is the way it’s coming through.’”

Sul montaggio vero e proprio e sul metodo di lavoro che ha instaurato con Scorsese:

She works on at least 12 different cuts of each film, she notes. “Like a lady who has lost weight and she’s just getting to that point where she can fit into that favourite dress, you get the film down to just about the right cut. You can feel it when it happens.”

“We don’t argue, if we really feel strongly we’ll do it two ways — my way and his way — and screen for friends, and we ask them. But we don’t fight about his films. It’s almost like one mind now. I know what he wants, and if I have a better idea he’s the first person to accept it.”

La produzione del nuovo film comincerà il 28 giugno.

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